What sets The Trailer Boy apart?
My Dedication to Excellence

With great ambition, I am naturally driven to achieve goals. My desire is to learn and continuously improve the company and this becomes a source of fuel that energizes my work. I routinely scan new information and explore new technologies to fill the company’s appetite for knowledge.

I am structured and I devote my time and energy to ensure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed. When I’m asked to look at a situation that most would consider undesirable, my company sees the solution and an opportunity. Filled with a positive outlook on life, I deliver a can-do attitude. Optimism has been a key component to both personal and professional success.

“Scott is a bright, intellectual man who is recognized as an expert in his field. He enjoys being part of a team and shows his teammates respect. He’s one you can expect to demonstrate value and deliver results. As a man with a vision, he can develop and execute a strategy that will move things forward.”

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